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Boiler Tube Services

Boiler Tubes of Texas has extensive industry experience and a large shop to complete your project. We are celebrating our 35th year. We do look to be of service to you.

Replacement Boiler Tube Fabrication

Boiler Tube Fabrication

During our 35 years in the boiler tube fabrication business we have accumulated a large inventory of tubing tooling and have produced boiler tubes for almost every boiler make and model ever manufactured. Bent boiler tubes are an integral component of boiler design and operation, so our shop is fully equipped with several bending machines to serve you quickly and effectively.

Supply either blue prints or a pattern tube that has been removed from the boiler. When necessary we can visit your site and take the measurements we need to fabricate your tubes. Our experienced personnel maintain a constant uniform tube wall thickness, so you can be sure that tube bending, like all of our other services is carried out with the utmost precision.


Tubes Super Heater

We have many years experience with convective and radiant superheaters, so we have the expertise to assemble a vast assortment of quality superheaters. Our experience combined with our inventory of tooling allow us to furnish all your needs, from tubes ready for assembly to the complete unit ready to install.

Heat Exchangers

Tube Bending

We have a full range of tooling and experienced personnel to provide your heat exchanger needs. Our bending capabilities include 3/4", 1" & 1 1/2 " OD tubes and radius sizes range from 3/4' to 15 1/2". We have worked with a variety of materials including copper, stainless and mild steel. give us the opportunity to provide you with your next set of tubes or a complete bundle ready to install.

Fin Welding

Tube Finning

In order to increase boiler efficiency, engineers currently design and market boiler with finned tubes. These tubes form a gas-tight envelope that prohibits gases from escaping the furnace and convection sections; however, relatively few finned tube-welding machines are in use at this time. To serve our customers with this process, we installed several fin tube-welding machines so we can flat fin a wide variety of tubes. Call on Boiler Tubes of Texas for replacement of finned tubes, initial installation or conversion of your existing boiler.

Swage Tubes

Tube Swageing

Tube wall thickness is a critical factor for safe, efficient boiler operation. We have the unique ability to reduce the diameter of a tremendous variety of tubes sizes without compromising the tube wall thickness. Our swaged tube machine promises uniform tube thickness and is another fine example of our continued efforts to provide customers with excellent quality service.