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About Boiler Tubes of Texas

Boiler Tubes of Texas specializes in Boiler Tube Bending and Tube Fabricating services. Our personnel and large shop floor have accumulated an extensive inventory of tooling and have produced tubes for almost every boiler make and model ever manufactured. Our 35 year experience insures our services are carried out with the utmost precision. With over 36,000 square feet our shop can handle large projects to small jobs.

Boiler Tubes of Texas offers an active CAD Engineering division that can easily identify key boiler component requirements as originally designed by the manufacturer.

Boiler Tubes of Texas complete approach identifies key boiler component requirements and specializes in like-kind replacement components as well as complete engineered solutions that extend the life and improve the performance of boilers.

Cut and match services are frequently required. We take the time to get the tubes that you need. Give us a call we do look to be of service to you.

Quality Control

Tube Layout

Our uncompromising level of quality and service insure your job success. Quality is maintained through the tube fabricating process. Hot Bending service, for example, insures that your pressure tubing strength is maintained with critical end-use applications. Tubes are continuously checked for angle of bend, quality and dimensional stability. Tubes can be fabricated to Holman's "Tube Bend Standards" or customer specifications.